GTA Online's Next Update Will Let Players Join Law Enforcement

Rockstar Games has begun teasing its next GTA Online update and confirmed that it will center around players joining law enforcement. GTA Online is an absolute juggernaut of a game and has managed to last three console generations and sustain itself as one of the most popular online games. Not only do people get to live out their criminal fantasies within Rockstar's virtual world, but they also get to just have unregulated fun. There are so many activities to partake in within the game and it keeps getting bigger every year with nightclubs, islands, celebrities, and much more As of right now, it doesn't seem like there's an end in sight for the game despite Rockstar recently stating that it is knee-deep in development on the next Grand Theft Auto game and is pouring a ton of development resources into the game.

As part of an update regarding the status and future of its titles, Rockstar Games has teased the next GTA Online update. Rockstar stated that the new update is coming to all platforms in just a "few short weeks" and will add new Contract Missions as well as allow players to join the IAA, which is essentially a stand-in for the CIA or the NSA. Details are scarce on the update, but it does seem like this goes against the rumors of an update centered around Michael from the Grand Theft Auto V story.

"In just a few short weeks, a new update is coming to GTA Online on all platforms that will expand upon the Criminal Careers of Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner — alongside a set of Contact Missions that presents the opportunity to be sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy," reads a press release from Rockstar Games.

It's not an absolute certainty as Michael had many run-ins with the IAA, so they could be investigating him once more in the update, but there's no way of telling at the moment. So far, Michael is the only main character from the campaign who hasn't shown up in the game's multiplayer. Rockstar Games also stated that it will be scaling back on Red Dead Online so it can focus on the new Grand Theft Auto game. The game is no longer set to receive any other major content updates in the foreseeable future but will be supported with smaller updates that build off of existing content in the game.

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