GTA Online Update Adds Halloween Modes and Killer Cars

GTA Online players had already been noticing some strange UFO sightings as Rockstar Games kicked off the online game's Halloween festivities, and this week, things have gotten even stranger. There are now reports – which have been confirmed by Rockstar – of murderous cars that spring to life with no drivers and attempt to run players down. On top of that, Rockstar's also brought back some Halloween game modes and is giving out bonus rewards for players who choose to partake.

Rockstar first said in its blog about this week's GTA Online update that the UFO sightings have been "intensifying this week." The UFOs were previously only seen at one location in GTA Online, though there were rumors at the time that we'd see the UFO event evolve throughout the month. It appears that's the case now, but it wasn't specified what'll be changing.

Much closer to players in GTA Online are the "Phantom Cars" which have been spotted around the map. Rockstar gave players a warning about the vehicles while a video from a player provided a much better visual of why you should watch out for these possessed cars. Copycat killers are apparently on the loose as well to make matters worse.

"Meanwhile, the LSPD is reporting a spike in calls regarding phantom cars with no drivers following folks around creepily on their commutes, while a crop of copycat killers are running amok," Rockstar said. "Watch out for psychotic Slasher-types — with seemingly superhuman strength — praying on people who are otherwise going about their business. These two new phenomena are here throughout the Halloween season in Freemode, so be safe out there."

For those who've been around for past Halloween events in GTA Online, you'll probably recall what some of the old Halloween game modes were. Those have returned for a limited time, and those who play them get double the rewards they'd usually get.

"Good horror is so much deeper than jump-scares and fake blood — it's about that unsettling sense of imminent danger, a fight-or-flight response that turns your stomach," Rockstar said. "Muster up your courage and face your demons as Slasher, Come Out to Play, and Condemned return to GTA Online for a limited time, all paying out Double Rewards."

GTA Online's latest Halloween update is now live across all platforms.