GTA Online Event Adds UFO Sightings

Rockstar Games has released a minor Halloween update for GTA Online that's given players a chance at seeing some UFOs in the sky. The unidentified vessel can only be seen in one place in GTA Online at the moment and can only be seen during certain times, but there's reason to believe that it'll be moving around the map in the future. It's expected, too, that this is only the start of GTA Online's Halloween festivities and that more will come in the future.

The UFO sightings were teased not long ago by Rockstar Games through a tweet that insinuated the UFOs would soon be arriving in the game. The newspaper clipping in the tweet below directed players towards the location that they had to visit to see the UFO.

Going to that location isn't enough on its own, however, since you have to go to the spot at the right time as well. Thankfully, other players have already determined what the correct time to pay the UFO a visit is. The video below from another player showed the UFO over Paleto Bay that's apparently only visible if you head there between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. based on the time in-game.

After seeing the video above, you've pretty much seen what there is to see regarding the UFO event, at least for now. Players don't actually get anything for paying the UFO a visit, so there's not a huge incentive to do so other than to get a unique sighting. Datamining efforts have suggested that the UFO will move around the map during different parts of this event though, so even though it's not much to speak of right now, it could be that this evolves into something else in the future.

If not through happenings with the UFO, we'll likely see more Halloween-ish things arrive in GTA Online later this month. Rockstar's tweet specifically said "as Halloween approaches" which suggests there's more planned, and since UFO movements have already been datamined, it's likely there will be something else associated with those.

GTA Online's UFO sightings are available in the game now for an unknown amount of time, so go check them out while you can before the ship leaves for good.