GTA Online Adds New Weaponized Vehicle

GTA Online got one of its weekly updates on Thursday, and this one added yet another new vehicle for players to add to their collections. The vehicle is called the “Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy,” and as its name suggests, its an amphibious vehicle armed with enough firepower to shred through threats whether they’re on land or in the water. The same update also gives players free drinks at The Diamond’s Casino Bar and The Music Locker as well as free Penthouse Parties.

The good news is that with this new vehicle added, players can go and pick it up right away in GTA Online, but only if they’ve got the funds for it. That’s because unlike the Dinka Verus vehicle that’s being given away for free, players actually have to pay for this one. You can purchase it from Warstock Cache & Carry, and Rockstar Games would till very much like players to get the free Dinka Verus vehicle while they’re shopping for the dinghy.

“Bullets and inflatables, do they really go together? You tell us!” Rockstar Games said. “The Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy is now available for civilian purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry. Plus, don't forget to claim the Dinka Verus from Warstock Cache & Carry, free until March 3rd.”

While this week doesn’t have a new free vehicle, it does have the free drinks and parties mentioned before that are made available as part of the Los Santos celebrations. This week’s update is also offering double the rewards on a couple more activities than we usually see updated in the weekly content. Players can get twice the bonuses from the Special Cargo Sales, Stunt Races, Simeon Missions, DJ Request Missions, and the Sumo Adversary Modes.

To make sure you’re ready for whatever free parties you’re attending until the next update drops, Rockstar Games is also giving all players a free pair of glow glasses just for playing and completing a specific mission.


“Become an instant rave legend — successfully complete an Import/Export Sell Mission from your Special Vehicle Warehouse to earn the Blue and Magenta Glow Shades,” Rockstar Games said. “Come back after March 8th to receive your award (all awards should be delivered within 72 hours). The Diamond Casino & Resort is showing its appreciation to all its guests by offering up open bars in both the lobby and The Music Locker, plus all parties being thrown in the Penthouse can be written off your bill.”

GTA Online’s newest update is now available across all platforms.