Viral GTA V Video Demonstrates Why Harry Potter Ain't Nobody To Mess With

Everyone knows not to mess with Harry Potter, except apparently the citizens of Los Santos. A good rule of thumb is: stay away from the guy who defeated another guy named "Voldemort." It's a rule I've adhered to my whole life, and so far, it's been going extremely well for me. Whether you're a police officer, a gangbanger, or just an NPC driving your daughter to Tennis practice, don't get in Harry Potter's way when he's on his broom, don't make eye contact, and please, for the love of God, don't try and engage in a shoot off with him. He knows magic.

That all said, the citizens of Los Santos insist on doing all of this, and thus they force Potter's hand to ride around on his broomstick and terrorize local communities and the police force. No, seriously, he's out of the control.

Harry Potter Mod in GTA 5 from r/gaming

As the title of the video suggests, there's a mod that adds Harry Potter to Grand Theft Auto V, and it's probably one of the best mods for the open-world crime-action title. If you thought Trevor was a killing-machine maniac with no respect for society, well, you ain't never seen Harry when he pulls out his wand.

As you'd expect from a video as great as this, it went viral, racking up a million views in less than two days. And if there's a mod that has ever deserved going viral, it's this one.


Grand Theft Auto V is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett ports, but you'd assume the pair of ports are in the pipeline for the second best-selling game of all-time.

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