Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings' New Game Half Truth Hits Kickstarter

Trivia is a hallmark of tabletops all over the world, but there's a new contender in the genre, and it's being made by an all-star team made up of Magic The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, Jeopardy world record winner and Brainiac author Ken Jennings, and Studio71, as well as Red Arrow Studios and Nighthawk Games. The game is titled Half Truth and looks to carve a space in the genre by being approachable to trivia scholars and newbies alike as well as taking some of the barriers of entry to trivia games out of the equation. To make this into a reality the team will need help from backers and has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which will feature a host of rewards and stretch goals to make the gave even better.

"I read Ken's book Brainiac and was swept up by Ken's love of trivia, and I immediately wanted to design a trivia game that was as inviting and fun as the world he described," Garfield said.

"To have a legend like Richard invite me to work on a trivia game with him was one of the highlights of my life," Jennings said. "Half Truth is a rare thing: a fun party game that also makes you feel smart. We've been playtesting it on our own for years and can't wait to see how players react to it."

(Photo: Half Truth)

Studio71's last Kickstarter campaign for The Binding of Isaac: Four Soul raised $3 million in 30 days, and it recently launched an exclusive version at Target. Other successful campaigns include Joking Hazard and Shady Agents, and they're also working on a card game adapting Netflix's Umbrella Academy, so it seems Half Truth is in good hands.

(Photo: Half Truth)

“It’s been a privilege seeing Richard and Ken, two masters in their respective fields, come together to deliver a one of a kind experience for fans through Half Truth,” said Javon Frazier, Chief Product Officer and President, Gaming at Studio71. “The game is a unique combination of trivia and deduction, so whether you are book smart or street smart, you have a 50-50 chance of winning! This is a fantastic party game for everyone and we are excited to bring this to market by the holidays this year.”


You can find out more about the game in our full interview with Garfield and Jennings, and you can check out the Kickstarter campaign for Half Truth right here, which will ship in time for the holiday season.

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