Halo 5 Fans Uncover an All-New Mongoose Race Easter Egg

Halo 5 has been out for nearly six years at this point, but it looks like an Easter egg that many [...]

Halo 5 has been out for nearly six years at this point, but it looks like an Easter egg that many fans never noticed has finally been revealed by one of the game's developers. The Easter egg is specifically one that involves Mongoose ATVs in the game, and if it's something you'd like to accomplish for yourself, you'll need to make sure that you get some friends together.

Divulged on social media by Patrick Wren, who is a multiplayer designer at 343 Industries, Halo 5 includes a kart racing mini-game of sorts. Found on the level Evacuation, all four players must quickly run to a gate at the right side of the mission's beginning and stand in front of it for a full two minutes. After this is done, all players will then spawn onto a Mongoose and a countdown timer will appear at the top of the screen, much like a racing game. From here, it simply becomes a race between all players. The first to then reach another gate that is further down the mountainside is the winner and is rewarded with a rocket launcher to utilize moving forward.

Considering how long it takes to even activate this Mongoose race, it's easy to see how many fans never unearthed this Halo 5 secret. In fact, if Wren himself hadn't teased this revelation on social media, there's a good chance that it may have continued to go unnoticed for even more years. While the Easter egg is one that doesn't drastically change the Halo 5 experience as a whole, it's a really fun thing to find tucked away in the game.

As a whole, the Halo series is one that has always been filled to the brim with Easter eggs and it stands to reason that this year's launch of Halo Infinite will be no different. While we'll have to wait until the fall to get our hands on the latest entry in the beloved shooter franchise, it should be quite fun to try and find what secrets 343 Industries has hidden in the title this time around.

What's your own favorite Easter egg from Halo? And are you now going to give this Halo 5 Mongoose race a try for yourself? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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