Halo Games Being Updated With 4K Support For Xbox One X – But It’ll Be A Little While

With the Xbox One X coming to shelves in just a few weeks, a lot of fans are wondering just which [...]


With the Xbox One X coming to shelves in just a few weeks, a lot of fans are wondering just which games would be updated for 4K support. A lot of them are already at that point, but one series that gets a lot of questions is Halo. Is there a possibility that we'll be seeing the likes of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection updated for the format?

The good news is – yes. The bad news is, you'll be waiting a while.

343 Industries did note that its main titles will be seeing updates, and one will be coming next month, but the big one – Master Chief Collection – won't be updated until 2018.

Halo 5: Guardians will be getting 4K enhancements for the Xbox One X next month with the forthcoming November update, which will also introduce a new content release called Overtime, with tweaks, adjustments and content aplenty. Oddball will also make a return, and the Local Server App will come back as well.

Regarding Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries noted that the game will be updated, as well as repaired in certain areas. That said, the update won't "happen overnight", and is slated to happen sometime in spring 2018, to allow for testing on a "large scale".

That just leaves Halo Wars 2, and it appears that it'll be getting a 4K patch as well, though a date hasn't been disclosed yet. With this patch, however, Xbox Arena will also receive full support, along with crossplay on Xbox One and Windows PC.

And for those of you that want more details on what will be tweaked in Halo 5 next month, check out the following updates from 343:


  • The Battle Rifle was re-tuned in several ways to help better distinguish its prowess as a mid-range weapon while also looking to slightly reduce its effectiveness in longer range engagements. In general, the team likes how some of these changes resonated and the data gathered was positive – particularly the cadence and rhythm – but we heard from many of you that a feeling of "randomness" and "inconsistency" did not feel good. The BR was taken back into the shop with the goal of addressing this feedback and will ship with recoil that's in-line with the original launch version and a bit tighter bullet grouping compared to what players experienced during the tuning test.


  • The goal for the Gunfighter Magnum was to curtail the effectiveness of this weapon at longer ranges and make it really shine as a close quarters secondary weapon. Overall the test version worked out pretty good, but the team felt there was room to do a bit more to help it further go toe-to-toe against CQB battles vs. SMGs and ARs and player feedback was strong that the weapon felt too weak. To help address this, the Gunfighter magnum has seen additional refinements to make it "snappier" in terms of drawing and readying while also boosting its damage and accuracy.


  • The Rail Gun was tuned with the goal of trying to make it have a bit more of a deliberate, planned usage in battle vs. the insta-fire, insta-kill snapshot weapon it has become. The version of the Rail Gun that was included in the public test did solve the goal of reducing its effectiveness as a snapshot/CQC weapon, but the overly long charge time combined with instant firing made it overly difficult to use in the heat of battle. Many players stated it didn't feel fun and the team agreed. To help address this, the updated Rail Gun will land in the middle with a slightly longer recharge time than the original default version and a slightly slower fire time at the tail end than what was in the public test. In other words, it takes a little longer for you to charge the weapon, but you can also hold that charge longer as well before firing.


  • Changes to the Assault Rifle's tuning were aimed at rewarding more skillful use. The results of the tuning test didn't truly align with our goals and much of the player feedback echoed that outcome. During the test, the AR essentially became more cumbersome and harder to use, which isn't what the team was going for. For the November update, the AR has been addressed with a goal of making it more understandable and approachable, but with more depth. The refined AR will receive an increase to accuracy and a slight increase to its fire rate but at the cost of decreased damage per bullet.


  • During the public test we, weren't able to include grenades due to technical limitations, but it has always been a goal to make adjustments to both Frag and Splinter grenades in Halo 5. When the November update lands, both of these grenade types will be adjusted across all game modes.
  • Frag grenades are being tweaked to have a slightly reduced blast radius. The goals for this change are to reduce the effectiveness of "spamming" grenades while also doing a better job of aligning the area of effect of the blast with the on-screen VFX.
  • Splinter Grenades are getting tuned to address the fact that they feel "cheap," and overpowered in their default implementation and are overlapping too much with direct burst damage role of the Frag Grenade. To solve for this, the initial blast damage is being reduced to make Splinter Grenades excel as an "area of denial" weapon as intended."

So there you have it. Now we just have to wait and see which games get the best 4K updates.

The Xbox One X arrives on November 7th.