Halo Infinite Developer Responds to Upset Fans: "The Road Hasn’t Been Easy"

Halo Infinite has had quite a difficult time in development. Not only has it been cooking for longer than normal at this point, but it's lost multiple creative and development leads in the process and missed its original release window, leaving the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with zero big exclusives at launch. Amplifying all of this has been a lack of communication from 343 Industries and Xbox, who only finally revealed the game earlier this year, just to follow it up with a delay and more silence.

Taking to Twitter, 343 Industries' community director, Brian Jarrard, responded to fans upset with the studio and the game's progress, noting that it's been a trying process and that the team understands why fans are frustrated.

"As an avid fan of many properties (games, movies, TV, music) I 100% understand and appreciate the passion the Halo community has," said Jarrard. I also understand the frustration when things don’t go the way you want or it feels like you’re somehow being wronged or not heard. I want to first just acknowledge how fortunate we are to have such a legacy and such a long-standing community that cares so much. It’s not easy but I’d rather have people care - and even be mad - than not give a damn. Thank you."

Jarrard continued, noting the team wants to put 2020 behind them. And as they do this, Jarrard asks fans to be patient with them and the game.

"The Infinite road hasn’t been easy. This year in particular has been incredibly challenging. We have hundreds of developers who truly only want to make the best Halo game they possibly can. It pains all of us when the community is hurting. No update is going to satisfy everyone. We want to turn the corner as 2020 comes to an end and leave the challenges of this year behind us and look ahead to 2021. We are committed to bringing you along on this journey, we just ask for a bit of patience and understanding."


Recently, 343 Industries said that an update on the game would be provided before the end of the year. However, Jarrard's language here suggests fans may have to wait until 2021 for this update.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date.