Halo: The Master Chief Collection Teases New Game Mode Coming Soon

It looks like Halo: The Master Chief Collection may finally be getting a long-awaited game mode with the release of Flood Firefight coming next week. That's true if a recent tease is to be interpreted correctly which showed the Flood along with a hint that "next week, something new is on its way to MCC." The Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries has not confirmed anything outright just yet, but players are pretty certain that the Flood Firefight mode is indeed coming soon.

This tease was shared over on the official Halo social accounts and didn't say much beyond the fact that there was "something new" coming to the game. Longtime Halo fans will recognize the Flood shown in the image pretty easily, but unless you were reading up on the Halo Waypoint posts last year and participating in some flighting tests, you may not be privy to what, exactly, is being teased here.

The Flood Firefight mode is one 343 Industries allowed some players to participate in last year within a Halo Insider test. It takes the normal Firefight mode players may recall from Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach and pits players against waves of the Flood as opposed to making them fight the Covenant. Given the Flood's erratic and relentless nature, that naturally lends a different feel to the Firefight mode that players have been looking forward to.

Despite those tests happening, the mode never released as 343 withheld it so that more work could be done. Judging from the way people are viewing this teaser both in the replies to the tweet and elsewhere in Halo forums, it sure looks like people are banking on this being the Flood Firefight mode and are hoping that it'll be added next week.


If that's the case, it'll make for a busy few weeks for Halo fans. The Master Chief Collection would be getting its newest game mode along with whatever else 343 has planned around that, and for those playing Halo Infinite, that game's second season of content is still planned for May. We're still getting new episodes of Paramount's Halo, too, for those who are subscribed to Paramount+.