Halo TV Series Premiere Released Online For Free

The new Halo TV series has had its first episode released online for free, giving fans a taste of the new Paramount+ show. The first episode of the series was released last week on Paramount+ and met with a relatively warm reception from fans. Although some had mixed feelings on creative choices like Master Chief revealing his face to the audience, many were able to see the potential of the series and be open to the show taking a different direction from the game. Whether or not that ends up being a good thing remains to be seen, but the Halo series has been praised by franchise co-creator Marcus Lehto, which is a strong sign.

For those who don't have Paramount+ or aren't sure if they're interested in the Halo series, we have good news. The first episode of the Halo series has been released for free on YouTube, allowing everyone the chance to watch series premiere. This comes a week after the first episode, meaning those who enjoy the premiere can subscribe to Paramount+ and watch the second episode immediately. Before anyone starts theorizing that the show is underperforming and this is an act of desperation, the series premiere of Halo set viewership records for Paramount+. Paramount has also greenlit a second season of Halo, but no release date or production start date has been publicly confirmed. 

Releasing the first episode of a TV series online is not a terribly uncommon strategy. Showtime released the premieres of Dexter: New Blood and Yellowjackets on YouTube after they aired in November 2021. Not only does it further promote these new shows, but it helps lure more people in to the subscription services. As of right now, it's unclear how many people have watched Halo on Paramount+ and just how many will continue to watch it after the premiere. Nonetheless, Paramount is committed to seeing Halo become a tentpole series for its subscription service.

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