Paramount+ Renews Halo TV Show for Season 2

The Halo TV series coming to Paramount+ soon has been renewed for a second season, the ViacomCBS-owned streaming service announced this week. Tanya Giles, the chief programming officer of Paramount+, shared the news about the plans for season two during this week's ViacomCBS investor event. This announcement comes more than a month from when the Halo TV show's first season will make its debut on Paramount+ on March 24th for those subscribed to the streaming platform.

Along with the news of the second season, it was also confirmed that David Wiener would be coming on for season two as the new showrunner and executive producer. It was reported in June 2021 that the Halo show's co-showrunners would not be returning for a second season, though plans for another season had not been confirmed at the time. It was also reported earlier this month that Wiener was in talks to take over the Halo show.

"Halo is an expansive, world-building opportunity for Paramount+, and we're thrilled to give fans a second season to look forward to before we launch the series next month," said Giles in a press release. "Halo will deliver a thrill-ride for fans of the game and non-gamers alike, as it ties together stunning visuals with a deeper look at the personal stories behind these iconic characters, all set within an epic battle for the future of humanity."

For those familiar with the Halo games on the Xbox and PC platforms, the series needs little introduction. For those who aren't, it's adapted from Xbox's most well-known franchise and stars Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, the iconic character many still consider to be the face of Xbox games. Master Chief and others wage war against the alien faction, the Covenant, with 343 Industries, the current developer of Microsoft's Halo games, working on the TV show as well.

Halo was first slated to come to Showtime, but it was announced around this time last year that the show would instead make its big debut on Paramount+. Showtime still serves as a production company on the series and said the show was a "natural fit" for Paramount+.

Halo also isn't the only TV series adapted from a video game that got a quick renewal. Netflix's The Witcher was renewed for a third season before the second season came out. While Arcane was already out on Netflix before being renewed, it didn't take long afterwards for a second season of that to be announced, too.

The Halo TV series will come to Paramount+ on March 24th.