Hellboy Creator Draws the Creepiest Rendition of Gengar Ever

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has released another set of Pokemon sketches, including an absolutely stunning rendition of Gengar. Over the past few weeks, Mike Mignola has been posting daily sketches of various pop culture characters on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. His most recent series of sketches have been of Pokemon, giving these cute and cuddly video game characters a decidedly unique and unsettling look. Over the last few hours, Mignola has posted two more sketches, this time featuring Pokemon like Gengar, Charmander, Tyranitar, and Jigglypuff. ComicBook.com confirmed that Mignola plans to auction some of the sketches off in the coming weeks, as he has done with other sketches drawn over the last few months.

All of Mignola's Pokemon sketches are wonderful, but these newest sketches really show off how Mignola seems to find a way to remain true to the Pokemon's original design while injecting them with a whole new level of creepiness. For instance, Jigglypuff is shown floating in the water like a buoy, staring lifelessly ahead as it calls out its own name. Meanwhile, Mignola depicts Gengar as almost a mischievous pixie-type of creature, which makes the Pokemon look like it would be right at home in a Hellboy comic.

Although Mignola is likely just doing these Pokemon sketches for fun (he noted on Twitter that his daughter asked him to sketch Pokemon, which is how the line started), we'll note that these are some of the best Pokemon depictions we've ever seen. It would be foolish of the Pokemon Company to not back a garbage truck of money up to Mignola's house and let him draw whatever Pokemon he wanted as part of an official collaboration. If Junji Ito can depict a Gengar getting ready to eat a woman and presumably send her to the depths of hell, there's no reason why we can't have some Mike Mignola artwork showing some Pokemon getting back to their folklore roots.

Keep an eye out on Mignola's ebay page, as these Pokemon sketches will eventually be put up for auction.

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