Henry Cavill's Current Gaming Obsession Revealed

Henry Cavill is playing a ton of a new Warhammer video game, much to the surprise of nobody. Earlier this week, Cavill spoke about his love of gaming and Warhammer during a live recording of Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast during a benefit for The 92nd Street Y in New York. Cavill was asked about how much gaming he's doing, and he responded "A fair amount, when I say a fair amount that probably means a lot for those who don't game." When asked if he was gaming four hours a day, Cavill elaborated "Maybe more….I've been playing Total War: WARHAMMER III." Total War: Warhammer III was released earlier this year and is a real-time strategy war game set in the old Warhammer Fantasy universe. 

Cavill was also asked about his Warhammer 40K hobby, particularly his building and painting of miniatures. "Most friends and loved ones know about that and it's no shock," Cavill replied. "A lot of my family are into it, because I've definitely had people over at my house and very proudly showed them my miniatures and they're like 'Okay.' You can see them going 'Oh yeah, that's really good,' and you can just see them thinking 'God, Get me out of here. I need another beer. I can't pretend to be interested this long."

Cavill is a noted Warhammer 40,000 enthusiast, to the point that he often talks about his hobby while promoting other projects. When announcing his return as Superman in a video, Cavill wore a shirt with the Adeptus Custodes emblem on it. He's also been spotted reading Warhammer novels, showing off his miniatures, and even visiting Warhammer World in the UK.

Additionally, Cavill noted that he recently received a special World of Warcraft gift. "Recently, Blizzard did just send me this massive statuette of The Lich King, because Classic just got released, it's amazing, it looks really, really good," Cavill said when asked about his "prized possession."

Cavill's next major project is also gaming related, as the third season of The Witcher is due out next year.

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