Hideo Kojima Teases New VR Game Announcement

UPDATE: Hideo Kojima confirmed that it's not a game, but rather a VR experience of Kojima Productions' fabled entrance which numerous guests have taken pictures in. The original story continues below.

Hideo Kojima has teased that he's about to announce a brand new VR game, much to the surprise of fans. Hideo Kojima is one of the most renowned names in gaming, largely thanks to his work on the Metal Gear series. The Japanese developer is responsible for laying the seeds of the stealth action genre in games and refined it to an incredibly polished level with games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. One of the unique things about Kojima as a developer is he absolutely loves to experiment with technology and find new quirks. Anyone who played Metal Gear Solid knows Psycho Mantis could read your console's memory card and speak about the games you had played, Metal Gear Solid 4 had an iPod and unique DualShock features (which may explain why it has never been ported to other systems), and so on.

Naturally, it only makes sense for Hideo Kojima to explore VR as another major piece of innovative tech. On Twitter, Kojima posted pictures of himself using a VR headset and stated he was doing a final check of the VR game that Kojima Productions was going to show at Tokyo Game Show 2022. It's entirely possible it's nothing but a tech demo to showcase what the developer was able to do using the tech, but there may be more to it. Either way, we can likely expect some news or impressions of whatever this is in the coming days as the event begins tomorrow, September 15th and runs until September 18th.

Hideo Kojima is already exceptionally busy. He just launched a podcast on Spotify, recently confirmed he's working with Xbox on a new cloud-based game, is expected to be working on Death Stranding 2, and he's even expressed interest on working on films and television. Whether or not the VR project is anything worthwhile remains to be seen, but hopefully, we will see it soon.

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