Hogwarts Legacy Co-Developer Now Working on PlayStation's Horizon Games

One of the co-developers of Hogwarts Legacy and other upcoming games is now working with PlayStation on Guerrilla Games' Horizon series, the studio announced this week. Studio Gobo shared the update in some brief social posts while looking to enlist more developers to join the studio while it prepares to work on the Horizon series and other projects. No word yet has been given as to what, specifically, the studio is working on in relation to the Horizon games.

Studio Gobo might not be a name that everyone's heard of compared to the main developers working on games like Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy, but the studio's got a long list of projects it's co-developed. That list includes those two games specifically as well as others like Synced: Off-Planet, For Honor, and Disney Infinity 3.0. People have naturally already started speculating that Studio Gobo could one day be integrated into the PlayStation Studios team, though there's nothing that's been said currently that indicates that could be a possibility.

Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy are the two big games the studio's said it's working on that stand out among others, but as mentioned previously, there's a long list of games that Studio Gobo has co-developed over on the company's site. There's a list of job openings, too, but unlike some of the other job listings seen elsewhere that might divulge hints about what's being worked on, these seem pretty nondescript.

As for the Horizon series that Studio Gobo will now be working on alongside Guerrilla Games, we learned recently that there might be a new multiplayer game in the works set within that series. A month later, it was reported that there could be a Horizon MMO in the works. Those reports and speculations culminated late last year with Guerrilla Games confirming that it was indeed working on an online Horizon game.

Recent projects in the Horizon universe include Horizon Forbidden West which came to the PS4 and PS5 not long ago. As for the future, we know of the online game as well as Horizon Call of the Mountain, the PS VR2 game scheduled to release alongside the new headset in February.