New Horizon Multiplayer Game Reportedly in the Works

A new entry in Horizon's PlayStation franchise is said to be in the works and it could feature multiplayer and co-op elements. Within the past day, a new report came about suggesting that PlayStation is looking to remake Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5. And while this news on its own was quite surprising to a number of fans, it seems that this isn't the only game in the franchise that PlayStation is toiling away on at the moment. 

Based on a story that originally stemmed from MP1st, developer Guerrilla Games is said to likely be working on a multiplayer installment in the Horizon series. Not much is known about the project right now, but it's said to potentially feature co-op elements and will revolve around the various tribes seen within the world of Horizon. It was also said that this game would come to both PS5 and PC, assuming that it does indeed exist. 

In a general sense, it's not surprising at all to continue to hear that PlayStation is really looking to double down on the Horizon series. Not only were both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West big successes for PlayStation, but Sony has since gone on to develop a TV series based on the property with Netflix. Additionally, Horizon Call of the Mountain is also currently in development for PlayStation VR2 headsets, which just goes to show that PlayStation is really committed to this franchise at the moment. 

It's worth stressing that this report associated with the Horizon multiplayer title is a bit more tenuous and hasn't been corroborated as much as the PS5 remake. As such, take what has been outlined here with a grain of salt. Assuming that this Horizon game does exist, though, perhaps PlayStation will unveil it in an official capacity in the near future. 


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