Horizon Netflix TV Series Reportedly Begins Filming Soon

Netflix's live-action adaptation of PlayStation's Horizon franchise will reportedly begin filming rather soon. It was only announced a month ago that Sony was pursuing a Netflix adaptation of the beloved game series. Despite only having two games, the sci-fi RPG franchise has been a massive hit for PlayStation. Guerilla walked away from the Killzone series to make Horizon Zero Dawn which released to tremendous sales and a positive reception from fans and critics alike. Demand grew for a sequel rather quickly and Sony was able to position Horizon Forbidden West as one of the first big games for the PlayStation 5. Now, PlayStation is also championing Horizon: Call of the Mountain as a marquee PlayStation VR2 title.

With all of that said, it makes sense Sony is trying to capitalize on the IP by expanding it beyond games. According to The Ronin, the Horizon TV series, reportedly titled Horizon 2074, is expected to begin shooting in Toronto in August. The show is also expected to wrap production in March 2023, so it's possible the show will be ready for holiday 2023 or early 2024. There's little to no official information regarding the show, but insider Jeff Grubb stated the show will essentially serve as a prequel for the games and show humanity before its collapse. This would mean the show is set hundreds of years prior to the games and gives Netflix the freedom to do a lot of experimental stuff with it. It's likely we'll get some casting details, official plot info, and more details in the coming weeks before the show begins filming. Of course, this hasn't been officially announced, so it's possible the show isn't shooting that early, so fans should take it with a grain of salt.

PlayStation has been expanding a number of its franchises outside of gaming. Gran Turismo is getting a film from director Neill Blomkamp in 2023, HBO is adapting The Last of Us with the goal of releasing it next year, and Amazon is working on an adaptation of God of War. There's a lot happening with PlayStation and should these all prove to be success, it likely won't be the end of more PlayStation films and shows. 

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