Horizon Call of the Mountain Will "Change" AAA VR, Says Former PlayStation Developer

Earlier this week, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is a new title that is going to release on PlayStation VR2 in the future. Details about the project are still sparse at this point in time, but it will be taking place within the same world as Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. The franchise's main character, Aloy, will also not be serving as the protagonist. While we have yet to only see a bit of Call of the Mountain in action via a brief teaser trailer (which you can watch at the top of the page), one former PlayStation developer has suggested that the game will end up drastically changing the AAA VR scene. 

In a recent tweet from Chris James, who is a former world designer on Horizon Forbidden West at Guerrilla Games, Call of the Mountain is going to be a big deal once it arrives. James said that while he personally didn't work on Call of the Mountain when at Guerrilla, he said that the title is one that should blow people's minds. "This is been in the works for a while. I didn't work on it, but I promise you this will change what AAA means for VR," James said on Twitter. "It's amazing."

Obviously, these comments from James bring with them some lofty expectations for Horizon Call of the Mountain. Given Guerrilla's previous track record, it definitely stands to reason that they will end up meeting these expectations. However, it remains to be seen what about Call of the Mountain, in particular, will end up being so revolutionary. 

Currently, release plans for Horizon Call of the Mountain and PlayStation VR2 have not been revealed by Sony. As 2022 continues onward, though, there's a good chance that we'll begin to see a whole lot more of what Guerrilla has in store with this new VR title, so stay tuned. 


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