How Sonic the Hedgehog Sets Up a Sequel

Paramount Pictures is no doubt eager to start a franchise with the newly released Sonic the Hedgehog movie and after delaying the film's release by three months it should be clear that they want that bet to pay off in the long run. This is no clearer than in both how the movie ends and the extra scenes that play out in the middle of the credits, which offer a snapshot of what we can potentially expect from a sequel. Read on if you're interested to know how the film points toward what will happen in an eventual follow-up or if you're confused about what you saw over the credits!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Sonic The Hedgehog! Continue reading at your own risk...

As Sonic the Hedgehog comes to an end, Sonic finds himself in a new home and happily living on Earth. Despite initially feeling a need to flee the planet when anyone found out about him or his powers, he has befriended James Marsden's Tom Wachowski and moved in with he and Tika Sumpter's Maddie Wachowski in their home in Green Hills, Montana, no longer needing to live in a literal hole in the ground. Sonic has his own room and a new life, where a sequel will likely pick up before throwing a new problem at him, a problem that they set up in the film's mid-credits scenes.

Two scenes play out during Sonic's credits and the second will lead directly into a sequel. In the scene, a warp ring opens up outside of Green Hills and a very familiar pair of shoes walk out as Miles "Tails" Prower makes his big screen debut. As the character's music plays in the background, the double-tailed fox (looking incredibly accurate from the video games) holds a tracker out revealing that he's been looking for Sonic and has finally found him on Earth. Tails steps off the a ledge and says something along the lines of needing to "warn" Sonic, flying off into the sky with his tails.

Though it's unclear just what Tails needs to warn Sonic about, he could be referring to the group that is seen chasing after Sonic in the opening minutes of the film. Though this group is never identified, and never revealed what it is that they want with Sonic, the group are all very clearly Echidnas just like Knuckles. This could lead into an intro for the fan-favorite character in a sequel. It's also not clear in the film if Sonic himself even knows Tails, but Tails does clearly know about Sonic, perhaps leading to a unique relationship between the two in a follow-up film.


The first mid-credits scene for Sonic also offers a tease for a sequel. The scene reveals Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik, now stranded on a world of giant mushrooms, shaving his head and revealing his moustache has grown to a ridiculous length and his shoulders have bulked up from carrying rocks around on the planet. All of that has lead to him transforming into the classic look of Robotnik from the Sonic video games, and no doubt putting him on a collision course with Sonic once again.

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