Apple Event 2019: How to Watch the New iPhone 11 Reveal Announcement

Today is already a good day for Apple fans, as the company is set to reveal... something or other at an event held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. Exactly what the technology company will announce remains to be seen, but it's expected that there'll be a reveal of the new iPhone 11 models in addition to various other products.

In the past, it has sometimes been difficult to watch these events if you weren't already totally invested in the Apple brand and had devices capable of streaming it, but this time around, the company will actually stream the event on YouTube, so it should be available for anyone and everyone that can access the video platform. We've also embedded it above for ease of access. If, for whatever reason, you're against using YouTube, it will also be streamed over on Apple's Apple Events page, and should be accessible via Apple TV.

The event itself is scheduled to begin at 1PM ET today, though it's unclear exactly how long it might run. The YouTube stream should automatically covert into a saved video broadcast, so even if you're late to it, you should still be able to watch the whole thing. By that point, however, the official store should be back up and press releases should also be in the wild, so it might be more fruitful to just skip to the end and check out all the products expected to be announced today.


What do you think Apple will reveal today? Do you think the leaked iPhone 11 designs are legit, or some kind of incredibly lifelike fake? (IF they're real, that might be bad news for Apple, as folks are already tearing them apart online.) Let us know in the comments! You can check out all of our previous coverage of Apple right here.