HTC Vive Pro Adds The One Feature That HTC VR Fans Have Been Asking For

The HTV Vive Pro has officially been announced as CES 2018 is well underway. This new Virtual [...]

vive pro

The HTV Vive Pro has officially been announced as CES 2018 is well underway. This new Virtual Reality headset has been speculated upon quite a bit in recent months, especially after the original Vive received a $200 permanent price reduction. The headset itself looks mighty impressive, and continues to show why the Vive brand is considered the leading technology in the world of VR.

What many might not realise, however, about the latest reveal is that the Pro brings one key feature that addresses a major consumer complaint with the previously released system: built in headphones. Before the pro, the original HTC Vive required a secondary headphone set for full audio experience. It may not seem like something worth fussing over, but the headsets themselves aren't the most subtle and the clunkiness of the pair could definitely be seen as a frustration. Luckily, the team recognized this with their redesign and addressed the issue head-on.

That's not all that the HTC Vive Pro offers, either. It wouldn't be an upgrade if it couldn't supply a smoother game experience. The Pro will also bring with it an increased resolution of the dual- OLED displays ringing in at 2880 x 1600 (1400 x 1600 per yes, and 615ppi). For those that maybe aren't familiar with the first headset, that's a 78% increase to visual enhancements.

But ... with the extra goodies comes an extra price tag. Though we don't have the specific pricing information yet, with a release later this quarter slated - it's sure to make a few of us gulp guiltily in our wallet's general direction.

The Steam-specific HTC Vive Pro does not have a price point or a release date at this time. More on this and bundles is expected to be released soon, so stay tuned if you're interested in improving your virtual reality experience!