Humble Bundle Offering Nine PlayStation 4 Games For $15

Every week, the team at Humble Bundle usually offers a good package of games to help out with [...]

Every week, the team at Humble Bundle usually offers a good package of games to help out with charity, so everyone wins when it comes to making a purchase. But every once in a while, they hit the jackpot with console users- and this one is huge for those that have a PlayStation 4.

Shadow Warrior

The site has confirmed its latest bundle, which is available for the next two weeks and offers a variety of games, whether you invest in the $1 or more tier; the more than average tier; or the $15 or more. Going that last route will net you nine games in all, including some top-notch titles from Tripwire Interactive and Devolver Digital.

First up is the $1 or more tier, which offers three titles to download right off the bat. There's the classic LucasArts adventure-turned-Double Fine release Grim Fandango Remastered; along with the adventurous The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Re-Snarkeled; and the flight adventure Innerspace.

If you choose to move up to the second tier, which currently sits at $9.55 or higher to unlock, you'll get those games along with four others. These include the first-person horror game Layers of Fear; the strategic Wasteland 2: Director's Cut; the first-person puzzle-solving game The Talos Principle; and Double Fine's original adventure Broken Age. That's not bad for under $10.

Still, if you invest a little more and pay in the $15 or more tier, you'll score some really big releases, especially if you're a first person action fan. You'll get the survival-based hit Killing Floor 2 from Tripwire; as well as Devolver Digital's hit sequel Shadow Warrior 2. That game is worth $20 in itself, so you get a tremendous value here.

You'll also score a few additional bonuses, including 10 percent savings off of your first month of Humble Monthly; along with digital soundtracks for Grim Fandango, Inner Space, Layers of Fear and Broken Age!

Game Charity, Rett Syndrome and Save the Children are the main charities benefiting from this bundle, though you can choose your own if you prefer. Do some good and get some great games!

You can pick up the bundle here.

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