Incredible Legend of Zelda Fan Art Emphasizes It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Legend of Zelda fans have seen a bunch of different versions of both Link and Zelda throughout [...]

Legend of Zelda fans have seen a bunch of different versions of both Link and Zelda throughout many different games, but one theme has persisted throughout almost all of them: It's dangerous to go alone. In a piece of pretty impressive fan art that's been making the rounds recently on social media, we get to see these different versions of the characters throughout the series as they hang on to one another and form a link of Links and Zeldas that take us through the Legend of Zelda timeline.

John Su, a programmer at Blizzard and art hobbyist, shared the image below on Twitter to show all the different versions of Link and Zelda in one spot. Forming two different links of characters, the leads of each that show the most recent versions of them from Breath of the Wild reach towards one another.

Since it was shared on Twitter on July 10th, the fan art has received a tremendous response from the Legend of Zelda fandom who have shared it nearly 20,000 times on that platform alone. In response to the praise and some questions about the image, the creator shared a few more iterations of the fan art to show some of the ideas they were toying around with while creating the art.

If you're one of the Legend of Zelda fans mentioned above who thinks this would make for a wallpaper, there's also an HD version of the artwork that's found here.

Though Breath of the Wild is still the most recent original Legend of Zelda game that's been released, there's a sequel in the works that'll show us yet another version of Link and Zelda. We've already seen some hints about what they'll look like in the trailer at the top that Nintendo revealed during its E3 presentation, but we don't yet have a release date for when the sequel will be out.