'Injustice 2' Black Manta Livestream Revealing Legendary Gear

Today's Injustice 2 livestream will be showcasing some high-level Black Manta gameplay, but believe it or not, that might not be the main attraction.

A few different personalities from the NetherRealm Studios team have confirmed that we're learning about legendary gear today. For those not in the know, epic gear is the highest tier you can unlock right now, but today NetherRealm is revealing a brand new, unseen gear level. It all started with a tweet from NetherRealm Studios' lead designer Paulo Garcia:

Well, that's not very subtle, is it? With talk of legendary gear on the lips of the collective Injustice 2 fandom, Garcia knew how everyone would be reading into this tweet. That has to mean that we're going to see some of our first legendary gear pieces during the Black Manta stream, right? Tyler Lansdown, community specialist for NetherRealm, gave a somewhat ambiguous confirmation on Twitter:

So Lansdown is saying that we will learn about legendary gear today, but he doesn't necessarily confirm that we will be seeing legendary gear. I think that there's a pretty good chance that we will, and that Lansdown doesn't want to steal any thunder from the livestream. Still, you may want to brace yourselves for an announcement and nothing more. It would totally make sense for NetherRealm to schedule out a separate Watchtower stream just to showcase legendary gear to get the community excited.


Make sure to check back later this afternoon around 3PM Central. We'll be hosting the Watchtower stream live right here on WWG, and you won't want to miss a moment. Now we know for a fact that we'll have our first-ever, unscripted, high-level gameplay for Black Manta, as well as a legendary gear announcement and possible reveal. Who knows, we may even learn which Fighter Pack 2 character will join the roster next! Our money is on Raiden.