Iron Man VR Demo Reportedly Releasing Soon

If there's one thing VR needs more of, it's experiences that truly make the investment feel worth it. While there have been a number of great VR games released, for many titles, the addition feels more like a gimmick, and the closing of multiple VR developers doesn't bode well for the technology's future. Putting players in the metal boots of Iron Man is certainly one way to make for an interactive experience that feels worth the effort. Players just might be able to get a feel for that experience soon, as an Iron Man VR demo is rumored to drop in the very near future. Given the character's popularity, Tony Stark could just be the hero VR needs, at the moment.

The rumor comes from the PSN Releases Twitter account. The account is a bot that tracks things that have been uploaded to PlayStation Network across various regions. According to the account, the Iron Man VR demo has been added to the Japanese and Asian PSN databases. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing a ballpark release date for the demo, but given the game's current May 15th release date, it seems highly likely a demo will release sooner, rather than later.

From what Sony has shown of the upcoming PS VR exclusive, Iron Man VR is a shooter where players have an interface much like the one seen in the character's film appearances. The only villain revealed thus far is Ghost, a character that has been a regular thorn in Tony Stark's side for quite some time, in the comics. The version in the game seems to be based on the live-action version that appeared in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp, however.

At this time, little else is known about Iron Man VR. The game was announced just under a year ago by developer Camouflaj. As of this writing, the developer only has one other game to their name, Republique, a stealth game initially released on mobile, and later ported to PlayStation 4 and Oculus Quest. While Iron Man has played a supporting role in a number of games over the years, the character has never had a truly notable starring role in a game, appearing in mediocre titles such as Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal. Time will tell if Iron Man VR can set a new standard for the hero.


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