James Bond Actors Reimagined With Grand Theft Auto Art Style

A bunch of James Bond actors have been reimagined with the art style from the Grand Theft Auto. The role of James Bond is one of the most lucrative parts for a male actor of a certain type. It's as iconic as many of the big name superheroes and is largely a once in a life time opportunity. Given almost every actor commits to at least 10 years and a handful of films, by the time it comes time to recast the role, an actor may have missed the window where their body could handle doing all of the stunts. After 60 years of Bond films, we've had 6 actors play the legendary MI6 agent across 25 movies and the producers are currently hunting for the next James Bond actor.

While we wait for the next actor to don the iconic tux, James Bond fan site MI6 HQ posted some interesting pieces of AI artwork that highlight Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig in the style of Grand Theft Auto posters. Rockstar Games has created some iconic promotional posters for its games that have a distinct art style that's incredibly heightened and detailed. The art typically shows off a character in some distinguishing clothing or a big action set piece, which isn't far off from what these Bond posters turned out to look like. The Daniel Craig ones in particularly really stay true to the style with helicopters and cool cars in the background of some of the images. You can take a look for yourself down below.

Although Rockstar Games is currently knee-deep in the next Grand Theft Auto game, the developer was once working on a Bond-esque game called Agent. The game was intended to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive set during the Cold War and feature a secret agent who engages in espionage and high profile assassinations. The game, unfortunately, never saw the light of day but Grand Theft Auto V does feature a few references to both it and James Bond by including a mission where you pretend to be an actor in a spy movie and steal the in-game equivalent to a Aston Martin DB5 with working gadgets. Hitman developers IO Interactive are also currently hard at work on a new Bond game called Project 007.

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