John Wick Creator Reveals Two Video Game TV Series He's Working On

As part of a larger interview conducted by with Derek Kolstad, creator of the John [...]

As part of a larger interview conducted by with Derek Kolstad, creator of the John Wick franchise, he revealed that he is actually working on a couple different television show pitches for video game adaptations. But what, exactly, is Kolstad working on? Well, the answer might surprise you, as he is apparently shopping around pitches for adaptations of both last year's My Friend Pedro and 2017's Bendy and the Ink Machine.

"Well, I am doing A Company Man for David Leitch. I'm doing A Map From Nowhere for Chad Stahelski over at New Line. Both of them are remakes of movies that I fucking love. I've got A Darker Shade Of Magic, over at Sony, which has been a joy, with Victoria Schwab," Kolstad said when asked about what he was currently working on. "I'm going out with a pitch for a television series based on the My Friend Pedro video game, as well as for Bendy and the Ink Machine. I am playing any... It's funny, the reason I'm answering it this way, literally, I have these Post-It notes on my computer of, 'This is what I'm working on today.'"

"To be honest, I love it all," he continued. "Those are at the forefront, but at any given moment, people are jumping on the horn and we're talking The Janson Directive or we're talking Death Machine, we're talking actors with IP, sound men. I got to tell you, man, I'm still a little kid at this and I fucking love it. If I can emulate and replicate any success I've had with John Wick elsewhere, I'm going to be that 11-year-old that snuck into an R-rated movie, giggling."

My Friend Pedro, if you're not familiar, is a shoot-'em-up video game propelled by a talking banana named Pedro while Bendy and the Ink Machine is a part puzzler, part survival horror video game about nightmarish cartoons come to life. Both have been fairly popular releases with Bendy and the Ink Machine especially having a cult following.

Given that both My Friend Pedro and Bendy and the Ink Machine are in the pitching stage of the process, it's unclear if or when we might see them -- or where. John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently scheduled to release in theaters on May 27, 2022. The first three movies in the franchise are now available wherever such things are sold. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the John Wick franchise right here.

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