Jurassic World Legacy Announced

Some of tabletop's biggest studios had new games to show at this year's Gen Con, including Funko Games, which has two fan-favorite franchises as part of their new lineup. Those new announcements included a new game based on The Warriors, but the biggest reveal was two-fold, as not only is Prospero Hall creating a game based on Jurassic World, but it will be a legacy game as well. We don't have much else other than a logo, though we do have a release timeframe, which is set currently for the Summer of 2022, and you can see a tease of the T-Rex from the game below.

This will be the first-ever legacy game based on a blockbuster movie franchise, and the game, which is currently untitled, will have players starting at the inception of Jurassic Park. It will then take players through the entire saga and beyond, and is designed from the ground up to be played in a campaign format.

(Photo: Funko Games)

For those unfamiliar with legacy games, games with that title allow the players to make permanent changes to the game through gameplay, and Funko Games says in the description that the campaign will change the game permanently each session, though it doesn't reveal in what ways that will occur.

Typically that means players will be instructed to mark out parts of the map, eliminate elements, or perhaps tear up cards or abilities. It remains to be seen how that will be implemented,  Now, we did get a look at the first miniature from the game, called the T-Rex Mover, and it shows the T-Rex destroying the electric fence that kept it contained in the original film. Odds are there will be more miniatures of the various dinosaurs, and hopefully, there will be some of the human characters represented as well.

A campaign through the Jurassic Park saga has me hyped, to say the least, and I can't wait to see what Prospero Hall can do with the franchise.


Fans at Gen Con can get a sneak peek at the game, but that will have to do, as more won't be fully revealed until 2022.

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