Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will Be Used in a University’s Medieval History Course

Czech Republic-based developer Warhorse Studios prides itself on the historical accuracy of its [...]


Czech Republic-based developer Warhorse Studios prides itself on the historical accuracy of its newest and debut game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And rightfully so, the commitment to realism and faithfully recreating Medieval Europe is extremely impressive.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is so historically accurate in fact that even universities are going to be using it to teach history. No, really.

The news comes via Warhorse Studios founder, Daniel Vávra, who revealed the information via the following tweet:

For those that don't know: Czech University – which also goes by University of Prague and Charles University – is the oldest and largest university in the European nation, making this quite the achievement for Vávra and his team.

Vávra also makes mention of the "self appointed tumblr experts," who lambasted the game before and after its release for the lack of POC in the game. In addition to the people Vávra mentions, many outlets also ran similar stories doubting the game's historical accuracy, and criticizing it for said lack of POC representation. This controversy has since blown over (mostly), but it swallowed up much of the media about the game pre-launch and at launch, and it seems Vávra is still not happy about it.

Nonetheless, it seems Czech University found no issues with the game's historical accuracy, and is quoted by Vávra as being "very excited" about it and the team's approach.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which launched back in February, is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It costs $59.99 USD. If you haven't already, be sure to peep our official review of the game, where we awarded it a 3.5 out of 5, applauding it's terrific, albeit buggy, recreation of Medieval Bohemia.

In other recent and related news, the game's latest patch just hit PS4 and Xbox One, fixing numerous issues plaguing the game since launch. More details here.