'Kingdom Hearts III': Ending Explained

Kingdom Hearts III took its time, but fans don’t have to wait for the game any longer. Square [...]

Kingdom Hearts III took its time, but fans don't have to wait for the game any longer. Square Enix just saw the game go public, and diehard fans are powering through its main quest. Still, the ending of Kingdom Hearts III is a bit confusing in place, but there's no need to worry.

If you need a rundown of the ending, we've got you covered. ComicBook.com is breaking down the sequel's epic finale, but be warned! There are MAJOR spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III below! Please proceed with caution!

The ending cutscene of Kingdom Hearts III is a long one and well worth the wait. Everything begins when gamers beat Master Xehanort. The old man is a tough opponent, but Sora takes him down with Goofy and Donald by his side. However, he still manages to unlock Kingdom Hearts as planned.

As it turns out, Xehanort felt called to reset the universe. The corruption of Kingdom Hearts might blanket the world in darkness, but it will eventually come back to the light and pave a way for it to overcome the dark during its second go around. Xehanort's plan is met with exasperation on Sora's part, and the pair are joined by the rest of the hero's companions soon.

Riku confirms Kingdom Hearts is closing on their end in the real world, and Terra approaches his former mentor. Now revived, it is revealed another Keyblade Master has been hiding in the boy's heart, and it is none other than Master Eraqus. So, surprise?

Challenging Xehanort, Eraqus tells his former childhood friend it is time to let go and allow this new generation of Keyblade Wielders to oversee the world. A flashback ensues showing the pair as kids playing chess, and Eraqus is the ultimate winner. Back in realtime, Xehanort has a change of heart as he agrees with his old friend, and he gives over the X-Blade to Sora.

To the side, Eraqus has a touching reunion with Aqua, Ventus, and Terra. The moment ends with the Keyblade Master fading away with Xehanort as the old friends seemingly reconcile. This leaves Sora and his friends to purify Kingdom Hearts, and they are transported back to the Keyblade Graveyard once the task is finished.

As for Sora, he decides his next journey will be save Kairi from — well — death. The girl was struck down by Xehanort earlier in the game, a move that destroyed her heart and body. Xion tells Sora the girl is okay somewhere, and Sora refuses to go anywhere before he finds her. Despite Mickey's pleas, Sora goes on the dangerous journey alone, and he summons a Keyhole before disappearing.

In the game's final moments, a montage appears showing each of the group's homecomings. Mickey finally reunites with Minnie as does Donald with Daisy. As for Ventus' group, the trio erect a grave for Eraqus before the boy is united with a familiar Chirithy. Twilight Town becomes real crowded as Roxas, Xion, Lea, and Isa move in. The group all snack on sea-salt ice cream with Hayner, Olette, and Pence. Namine also appears as the Nobody is brought back to the real world, and Riku is there to pick her up.

The final scene reunites all these characters on Destiny Island, but two are missing. It is Riku who notices Kairi and Sora are back on the island as the two sit on the Paopu tree holding hands. A tear is seen rolling down Kairi's face as the sun sets, and Sora looks to his friend (girlfriend?) before his body disintegrates. The hero seems to fade away as the sun goes down, leaving fans shocked by Sora's sad fate.

As expected, an epilogue scene follows this ending after the credits, and you can read up on its breakdown here. Questions remain about this final scene, and the majority of them have to do with Sora and Namine. Obviously, gamers are concerned Sora might have died or sacrificed his life during his adventure to revive Kairi. There is no clear explanation for what happened with either character, and it is unlikely Square Enix will update fans on their fate for awhile.

As for Namine, fans are curious about where Riku is taking the heroine after she wakes up in Twilight Town with some going as far to speculate a potential romance between the two. For now, none of these questions have answers as this ending left more loose ends for the franchise to tie up one day, so fans will have to wait for a response and hope it doesn't take another decade to come.

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