'Kingdom Hearts III': Where to Find Golden Hercules Figures

Just like previous Kingdom Hearts titles, the third installment in the main narrative offers a plethora of fun side quests and objectives players must complete to progress through the story. For those excited to dive back into Olympus, there is one activity that you should know of and that's the quest to find the golden Hercules figures scattered around the map. To help keep you focused on the that glorious completion, this small guide will help you get those collectibles fast without having to miss a beat.

Ready to get started? Here's where you need to go to get all of the figured needed to help out a small boy in the city of Thebes:

  • Thebes Alley
    • Head to the Thebes Agora Square and head inside of the temple to the left
    • Far left corner, check the stack of boxes
  • Thebes Overlook
    • The bench near the save point
    • Head down the stairs near this save point as well
    • Run down the roof and jump to the stone sheild
    • Near the statueThebes Overlook
  • Thebes Overlook, Part II
    • This one is just literally sitting on one of the benches in plain sight
  • Thebes Gardens
    • When you see the save point, head down the stairs
  • Head back as if to turn in the quest
    • Enter the small house
    • Look to the left on the bench

Head back to the little boy with his found figures and received that shiny new Hero's Belt for a nice little boost!

Need a little extra help? We also have a guide to help you unlock all of those Lucky Emblem locations needed to experience a super special ending scene. Have any tips to contribute? Hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! You can also check out our full review of the game here in between your adventures.