New Kingdom Hearts Game Apparently Coming Sooner Than Expected

More Kingdom Hearts projects are in the works, and one of them is apparently coming sooner than expected, according to a Q&A about the plans for the series. The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter account shared a tweet on Wednesday that included several questions and answers about the future of Kingdom Hearts and confirmed that two new teams are at work on projects. No release date for the Kingdom Hearts projects were provided, but the Q&A said one of the titles is coming "surprisingly soon."

The Q&A in question can be seen below where "13 Questions of Darkness" were answered. It's the twelfth question in the list that's caught the attention of people since it asks specifically about the future plans for Kingdom Hearts with the answer discussing teams and projects.

Two new teams have been created outside of those working on Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union χ, according to the twelfth answer. Coming soon from one of those newly-formed teams will be a new title, but it wasn't said which team it would be nor was it said what the project would be.

There's also a new announcement coming tomorrow from the Kingdom Hearts Union χ team, though again, it wasn't shared what that announcement would be.

The teasers for all these new announcements, projects, and teams of developers comes just a few days before the anniversary of Kingdom Hearts III's release last year. Coming soon for the game is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC that's been teased over the past few days. That DLC is the first and the last of its kind and is scheduled to release on January 23rd for PlayStation 4 owners with those on the Xbox One getting the content on February 25th.


Expect more Kingdom Hearts announcements to happen sooner than expected given the answer from the Q&A, and look for the DLC to release this month or next depending on your console.