Kingdom Hearts Series on PC Includes Surprise Feature

The Kingdom Hearts series on PC and Epic Games Store includes a surprising feature, or more specifically a surprise upgrade. Today, the Square Enix series finally comes to PC, though right now it's only available via the Epic Games Store, and there's no word when or if it will come to Steam or other PC gaming platforms. Whatever the case, not only is the series now on PC, but it's available on PC with the ability to unlock the frame rate, which has come as a substantial surprise to many fans of the series.

Taking to Twitter, user Dean revealed the settings menu of KH 1.5 + 2.5, which in turn reveals the option/feature. Of course, this means for some games in the series, this will be the first time the frame rate will be 60 fps and beyond.

On console, most of the games don't just have a locked frame rate, but they are restricted to 30 fps. And in an era where both console and PC gaming have moved on to 60 fps, it's increasingly tedious to play games at 30 fps.

For now, it remains to be seen how the game will play with an unlocked frame rate, but it's safe to assume those with a powerful PC will be able to run the series, especially the older games, at an impressive frame rate.

That said, while your PC may be able to push the game to new heights, it will likely come with some bugs and performance hiccups due to the fact that the games were made within the restrictions of their aforementioned frame rate caps.


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