Knack II Is Apparently Free In A Few International PlayStation Stores


Knack II dropped this week for PlayStation 4, and while some people may be skeptical as to why the game needed a sequel, it's a pretty great improvement on the original – especially when it comes to its co-op features.

And now it appears that some people can get the game for free. A glitch is currently happening in a few of the PlayStation Stores overseas that enable players to download the full game free of charge. No doubt that Sony is aware of the glitch and is trying to fix it as quickly as possible, but, for now, the game still appears to be free.

Not only that, but it appears that the game also includes the pre-order bonus goodies as well.

That said, it depends on which region it comes from. Don't look for the glitch in the U.S. store, as it's currently not happening. However, it does appear to be happening in the Australian PlayStation Store, New Zealand PlayStation Store and Russian PlayStation Store. You might want to hit up these links if you have some sort of international account, because the deal isn't likely to last long.


Knack II is available now for PlayStation 4.