Former LawBreakers Publisher Exec Cancels Talk About the "Biggest Flop of 2017"

A former Nexon America executive scheduled a scathing talk called “LawBreakers: How I Blew [...]

A former Nexon America executive scheduled a scathing talk called "LawBreakers: How I Blew Millions Marketing the Biggest Flop of 2017" at a professional conference before cancelling the presentation.

The executive in question is former Nexon America vice president of marketing Vlad Coho, according to a Destructoid report. While Boss Key Productions developed the hero shooter, Nexon America was the publisher. It's widely known that the game didn't hit the mark when it released, and Coho appeared ready to go over what went wrong during DevGAMM, the game industry-focused conference taking place later this month.

Coho's talk was scheduled to be one of the first presentations during the conference and had the same title above listed on the convention's schedule. Industry artist Tramell Ray Isaac who's worked on series like Fallout and individual games, specifically LawBreakers, shared a sreenshot of the schedule with a highlight on the talk.

The scheduled talk was met with criticism with Boss Key Productions head Cliff Bleszinski even chiming in on the discussion. Looking back at the schedule now, you'll notice that the scheduled talk no longer appears in the list of discussions. The time slot that was previously filled by Coho's talk now says "TBA" with no new event in its place.

Whether it was a decision he'd been considering previously or one brought on due to the backlash directed at the talk, Coho has now officially cancelled his talk, he told Destructoid. In a statement, he said that he had plenty of respect for the LawBreakers developers and said that the talk would've focused on his own learnings with no blame levied against Boss Key Productions. Regardless, he's now decided to omit the game and developer from anything that he does at DevGAMM.

"I have a ton of respect for the Boss Key Productions team," Coho said in a statement to Destructoid. "Games are a risky, difficult business even when everything goes well, and BKP did their best. My talk was going to be about my lessons learned from the mistakes I made, not about what the devs could have done better or differently. That said, out of respect for the BKP team, I've pulled the talk and won't be mentioning LawBreakers or Nexon if/when I do speak at DevGamm."

DevGAMM takes place on August 29, but it's unclear what Coho will be talking about now that the first talk has been cancelled.