League of Legends Adds New Item Upgrade for Ornn, Level Restrictions on Passive

League of Legends’ Ornn will soon have a new item to upgrade as well as some restrictions on [...]

Ornn (1)
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends' Ornn will soon have a new item to upgrade as well as some restrictions on when his unique upgrades can be purchased.

Sine Ornn's recent release, the items upgradable through his passive have been a point of discussion with players opting to buy them early on. The appeal of buying a brand new item was apparent, especially one that was an improved version of already powerful items such as Trinity Force or Infinity Edge. The items were always intended to be late-game upgrades made after a build is complete or mostly finished, but players weren't treating them that way.

A reminder that was included in the last set of patch notes reminded players to wait till later in the game before buying the upgrades, but the decision has already been made to restrict Ornn's item upgrades to a certain point when it'll be more beneficial for players to purchase them. Currently being tested on the PBE, Ornn's item upgrades won't be available for he and his teammates until the blacksmith reaches level 13.

Along with the level restrictions implemented for the items, Ornn's also adding another powerful item to his list of upgradable items called Zhonya's Paradox. An improvement for the Zhonya's Hourglass item, the upgrade costs a total of 3900 gold and grants +30 AP and +15 armor according to stats reported by Surrender@20 from the PBE.

In addition to clarification about a bug related to Ornn's Locket of the Iron Solari upgrade, the champion's designer provided some context on the Zhonya's upgrade.

Other smaller changes also shipped for Ornn that were detailed by champion designer Blake Smith. Ornn's Q that spawns a pillar previously created the obstacle after 1.25 seconds, but that's since been lowered to 1 second to allow for quicker combos. The knockback on his E's charge was also removed and the max speed of his ultimate's ram was increased to 1200 as opposed to 1050. But perhaps one of the most welcome changes of all, the bug that prevented Ornn from moving his camera while forging has been removed.

All of the changes for Ornn currently on the PBE are still subject to change and may be modified before the next patch.