League of Legends: Another New Animation Published by Riot Games

If you thought that the Miss Fortune animation that we spotlighted a few days ago was the last bit [...]

Darius 4
(Photo: Riot Games)

If you thought that the Miss Fortune animation that we spotlighted a few days ago was the last bit of fun that the Riot Games animation studios had, you have another thing coming. Earlier today Riot published a whole new animation in addition to that previously released Zed and Miss Fortunate animations. The subject of this video? The great Dunkmaster himself, Darius, the Hand of Noxus.

The video gives us a slight look into the mindset of Noxus' most notorious axe-wielder as he takes a rather inexplicable journey across the Freljordian tundra. Arrayed about him are a pack of wolves, looking for their next kill. There's just one problem with the whole thing.

It's boring. I would put a spoiler alert down, but there's no need. Nothing actually happens in the video. Darius takes a drink from his somehow not frozen canteen, glowers a bit, and all the wolves run away without so much as a whimper. Needless to say, commentators haven't exactly been kind to the video, with most comments eventually devolving into jokes about Warwick's inability to gank. After two fantastic and active animations, it's something of a let down to see one that simply one of the League's aggressive champions staring at his navel for a whole minute. He's not even carrying his ax! What if he had run into an armorer bear instead of a pack of wimpy wolves?!

WWG's Matt Best was no more impressed with the animation than the rest of the viewing audience. "I'll be honest with you, this was the longest minute of my life. It took 36 seconds for me to go "okay, something is going to happen" and nothing happened. I get that they want to make Darius look like the alpha against everyone here but c'mon. I clicked on the video to watch an epic fight scene. The Miss Fortune animation was awesome while this left me wanting a lot more. I thought maybe there would be a part two or something but no. Just Darius going for a walk while wolves try and surround him and he takes a drink. Give me my minute back Riot."