League of Legends College Championship Starts This Week

League of Legends College Championship
(Photo: Riot Games)

The League of Legends College Championships are set to kick off this week with eight teams from different colleges throughout North America competing for this year’s top spot.

Throughout the past couple of months, North American college teams have been battling it out against other higher learning institutions as they worked their way towards the championship showdown. With that competition starting this week on June 7, Lol Esports introduced those who haven’t been following the series to the top eight remaining teams.

League of Legends’ college circuit features top tier play sprinkled with the risky, high octane unpredictability that has come to define the college sports experience,” a “meet your teams” post from LoL Esports began. “Favorites will fall and Cinderellas will write fairy tale endings, all in front of a roaring audience live at the NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles.”

Whether you’re a current student, an alum, or just a fan of the colleges, you can check out the full lineup of the remaining teams below along with their current rankings heading into the championship games.

#7 University of Ottawa

#6 University of Maryland

#5 Columbia College

#4 University of Texas at Dallas

#3 Western University

#2 University of California, Irvine

#1 Maryville University

The last team listed by LoL Esports and the frontrunner for the competition, Maryville University is also the defending champ for League of Legends’ college series. Winning this year’s College Championship would give the university its second collegiate title, but the beginning of the year definitely didn’t indicate that the team would follow the same path that they did last year.


“The defending champs are back and seeded right where they’re used to being -- #1,” LoL Esports said in an insight into the team’s progress. “It’s a far cry from their pre-season rank of 26, but Maryville has proven that they’ve got what it takes to compete with the best in the business. Despite their meager pre-season ranking, they showcased admirable resilience when they took on season favorites, Columbia College, in the North Conference Finals and put together a massive, confidence-boosting victory in the process.”

If you want to watch the last few teams take each other on for the College Championship and see if Maryville University can retain the title, you can tune into the Riot Games Twitch channel from June 7-10.