League of Legends Champions, Items Affected by the Mini Fighter Patch

(Photo: Riot Games)

The 7.24b mini patch coming to League of Legends later in December was already confirmed to be more focused on fighters, but specifics from a League designer gives more details on the champions and items that’ll be affected.

Ditching the normal patch process with new features and game modes being included in an update, the mini patch will consist entirely of balance changes. All of those updates on rotating game modes and bugfixes were taken care of in the main patch notes for 7.24, so the patch is clear for top laners like Fiora and Teemo along with popular top-lane weapons to receive the bulk of changes.

Riot Meddler elaborated on some of the champions that’ll be receiving buffs and nerfs along with specific items that’ll also be receiving changes.

“As previously mentioned we'll be doing a mini patch in mid December called 7.24b that will have a bunch of balance changes in it (no other stuff though). One of our targets there will be helping out a number of fighters. Our plan at present is to use a combination of buffs to some fighters (Aatrox, Fiora, Kled, Olaf, Renekton), nerfs to some overperformers who surpress fighters (Teemo, Jayce) and item changes (Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra, BC, LDR).”

Meddler added that many of the changes have already been added to the PBE, so if you have access to a PBE account, you can preview the buffs in-game yourself.

As for the changes to Lord Dominik’s Regards, players might notice that it stands out from the other weapons as one that’ll usually be used against fighters instead. Meddler pointed out the changes to that item specifically and added that it should actually benefit fighters when others try to use it against them.


“Worth calling out the LDR change in particular, which is that the Giant Slayer passive now requires the target have 2000 more health than the user to get the maximum damage increase. We're looking to test that based off the observation that tanks in particular are generally 2000+ health up on LDR users. Fighters by contrast will often by around 1000 damage up, but aren't as often cracking 2000. Should mean lower damage output against fighters and other champs who build some health while maintaining anti tank damage as a result.”

The extra patch is expected to ship on Dec. 14, so test out the changes currently available on the PBE while you can before the fighter patch goes live.