Riot Games Reveals League of Legends' New Kindred Figure

A new League of Legends figure has been revealed by Riot Games that adds Kindred to the latest [...]

League of Legends Kindred Figure
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new League of Legends figure has been revealed by Riot Games that adds Kindred to the latest lineup of collectible figures.

The Riot Games Merch page revealed the new Kindred figure just today with the new collectible now available through Riot Game's merch store. It was also shared through the Riot Games Merch Facebook page, a resource you should already be following if find yourself frequently looking for League collectibles. The page also updated its profile picture to a super close-up image of Wolf's head that pokes around the right-hand side of Lamb's body.

"Never one. . .without the other. Lamb and Wolf - the eternal hunters - stalk their way into the Series 2 figure line," the official product description on the Riot Games Merch site reads.

The figure is just under 4.8 inches tall and is approximately 5 inches wide, so like the other League figures, this one won't take up much space on any collector's shelves. Kindred's figure is No. 016 in the Series 2 line of figures, a collection that's composed of other newer figures like the limited edition Lunar Goddess Diana figure that was revealed not too long ago. Like other figures, Kindred's collectible only costs $25 and is now available for players to order.

Riot Games' reveal of Kindred's new figure follows a teaser that was shared on the Riot Games Merch Facebook page just days ago that showed a cropped part of the image above. In the altered image, it showed a close-up shot that seemed to focus on the frog shown in the river. In the top-right corner, Lamb's foot and Wolf's tail could be seen hanging down from the rock that's now confirmed to be the Kindred figure's stand. This had players correctly convinced that Kindred would be getting something, but until Riot Games revealed it today, it was unclear if their collectible would be a figure or a more expensive statue.

Of course, there were some hopeful players who will be let down by the reveal as they wished for a Tahm Kench figure as well. The champion doesn't have any merch in the form of a figure or a similar collectible, and while Kindred's figure seemed to be a guarantee, the focus put on the frog led players to wonder whether Tahm Kench would be revealed as well. Not yet, Tahm Kench mains, but maybe someday.

Kindred's new figure is now available for $25.99 in the Riot Games Merch store.