League Of Legends' Mid-Patch Update Nerfs Nunu And Zac

After the initial patch notes for League of Legends' Patch 7.13 were released, some top-lane [...]

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(Photo: Riot Games)

After the initial patch notes for League of Legends' Patch 7.13 were released, some top-lane changes that focused on Trundle, Kennen, Galio, and the big honor update were some of the main components that caught players' attention. Yesterday, the patch notes were updated with a mid-patch update that looked to tone down some impact of two champs in the jungle role, Nunu and Zac.

Zac finds himself unable to get through champ select in many games both at the normal and professional level due to his power in the jungle. Nunu's been doing pretty well himself with his win rate hovering around 58 percent currently. Both Nunu and Zac also benefited from recent changes to Bami's Cinder and Cinderhulk that definitely helped out tanky junglers, but the two are receiving small changes now to lessen their dominance.

As with most mid-patch updates, the changes aren't huge, but they were important enough to be shipped after the initial patch. Nunu was first on the list, having his base health regen knocked down from 7 per 5 seconds to 5 per 5 seconds. His base armor was also reduced a bit, now at 23 as opposed to 26.38.

"Even when enemies catch the Yeti in the act, Nunu's usually sitting on enough health to survive the counterattack as he skates away to freedom," the patch notes read on the changes. "Given how much Consume contributes to the health of Nunu's clears, he doesn't need so much safety baked into his base stats."

Zac's nerfs didn't touch his base stats, but rather changed his Stretching Strike hit range. The second strike of the ability has had it's range reduced from 300 to 200.

"Zac's a champion meant to have extreme high moments if he can navigate the unreliability of his abilities," the notes read. "Right now, Stretching Strikes' second hit is giving Zac so much extra reach that those "inconsistent" high moments are less the exception and more the norm."

Another mid-patch update that was shipped on June 28 was directed at Gnar and Rakan, though it looked to fix bugs as opposed to tweaking stats. The update fixed issues with Gnar's Hop and Boomerang Toss while Rakan had an issue with Grand Entrance resolved.