These League of Legends Designers Are Making the Next New Champions

The next League of Legends champions after the release of Zoe already have designers working on [...]

League of Legends Champion Designer

The next League of Legends champions after the release of Zoe already have designers working on them with track records of creating powerful, interactive champions.

The question of who would be designing the new champions was answered by Riot Reav3 within a post on the League boards concerning the development schedule of the next couple of champions and reworks. After confirming the tentative schedule as Swain's rework, new champion, Irelia's rework, new champion, Aatrox's update, and then another full-scale rework, the Rioter also expanded on who will be creating the next two new champions after Zoe.

Riot Reav3 said that the champion following Zoe would be created by Riot Jag and the champion after that one will be designed by Riot EndlessPillows. Both have created new champions pretty recently with Jag leading the design of Camille and Endless Pillows heading up Xayah's creation. Camille and Xayah both saw tremendous success in solo queue and at the professional level with the two champions being picked or banned quite often, a promising sign for the champions coming in the future.

But Riot Jag also has another project in the works that some wanted to know more about: Aatrox's Gameplay Update. While he's not receiving a full Visual and Gameplay Update like Swain and Irelia, his changes are still taking quite a while to work through with his GU expected to be the biggest one within the category. When asked if Riot Jag would still be working on Aatrox alongside the new champion, Riot Reav3 said that was the case, a comment that was also confirmed by Jag in a Reddit comment. Reav3 explained that it was pretty common to have designers working on more than one project at a time in different stages.

Knowing who works on new champions and older updates typically give players a general idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay, case in point being Zoe, CertainlyT's latest champion. The designer also worked on other champions such as Yasuo that many players have developed love-hate relationships with, so hearing who's designing a champion can absolutely give you preconceived ideas about the project.

The champions will take some time to be teased, let alone released, with Zoe being the last champion coming out this year, but look for more info on them and other upcoming reworks soon.