League of Legends Reveals New Dark Star Skins

League of Legends is about to get a few more Dark Star skins with three new cosmetics revealed on [...]

League of Legends is about to get a few more Dark Star skins with three new cosmetics revealed on Tuesday. One of the skins is for Jhin, a champion who was promised a Legendary skin back when Riot laid out its plans for this year's events and cosmetics. The other two champions who will soon adopt the Dark Star look are Karma and Shaco, both of which have gone several years without getting a new skin. These cosmetics don't have a release date yet, but they'll be added to the PBE soon for testing before going live for everyone.

Riot Games unveiled the new Dark Star skins Tuesday on Twitter with PBE previews of the skins released before they're made available for testing. Karma and Shaco's skins are just the normal Dark Star variants, but Jhin's is a Legendary that's called Dark Cosmic Jhin. The maniacal marksman's skin turns his ultimate ability into a galactic cone filled with stars and the usual effects of the Dark Star line of skins as he shoots out interstellar missiles.

Jhin's no stranger to receiving skins and has gotten several since he was first released due to his popularity, but it's been a while since the other champions got a new look. Conqueror Karma was the last skin for that champion and was released in April 2017 to celebrate her strong performance in the esports scene, and Shaco's last cosmetic was Wild Card Shaco which was released in May 2015.

The game's PBE servers won't be updated on Tuesday as some players might've been expecting, so it'll be just a while longer before the new skins make their first appearances on the Rift. Due to Memorial Day, the PBE servers will be updated later, but it's still happening this week.

These three new skins expand the Dark Star lineup to become one of the biggest collections of skins in League. Once they're released, the full lineup will include Jhin, Karma, Shaco, Cho'Gath, Jarvan IV, Kha'Zix, Orianna, Thresh, and Varus.