All 'League of Legends' Champions Have Been Unlocked in Nexus Blitz

League of Legends players who frequent the Nexus Blitz map can now use every champion in that game [...]

League of Legends players who frequent the Nexus Blitz map can now use every champion in that game mode after Riot Games unlocked them for a special event.

Nexus Blitz is starkly different from the traditional League of Legends game modes like the Summoner's Rift and ARAM matches, but it still restricts players to using only the champions that they've unlocked. That's changed now, but only for a limited time since Riot Games made them available for everyone until the end of the Snowdown event.

The surprise unlocking seemed like it might've been a mistake at first, but Riot Games and its employees confirmed that the outcome was intentional and reminded everyone that now's the perfect time to try out Neeko, the game's newest champion.

Nexus Blitz still only lets players have one of a certain champion on each time though, so players will have to fight for who gets Neeko. A recent small-scale patch for the game also nerfed one of Neeko's abilities, but that likely won't deter any newcomers from essentially renting Neeko for some Nexus Blitz games until the end of the Snowdown event that's scheduled to end on January 7th, but Nexus Blitz itself will stick around a while longer with that mode being removed from the game mode rotation on January 21st.

For anyone who has been playing Nexus Blitz as of late and is planning on jumping back in to play some unlocked champions, it's worth remembering that some changes have been made to many of the characters who were either popular or in need of assistance in the game mode. Riot Games released a balance update that exclusively changed champions in the Nexus Blitz mode, an update that affected 20 different champions as well as some items and runes that needed adjustments. It also fixed several bugs Nexus Blitz players had been experiencing in the experimental game mode.

Nexus Blitz is now playable in League of Legends with all of the champions unlocked for the Snowdown event.