League of Legends Expands One of Its Most Popular Skin Collections

New League of Legends content comes to the PBE servers this week for testing, and with this latest drop, Riot Games has expanded once more the game's growing collection of Pool Party skins. Six new skins were revealed this week for five different champions with one of those skins being a Prestige Edition cosmetic for Seraphine. Specific release dates for the skins haven't yet been set, but it's expected they'll be released two weeks from now around the time the next update drops.

The five champions receiving these new skins are Yone, Nidalee, Seraphine, Zeri, and Ashe with Seraphine getting both a normal version of the skin and a Prestige Edition variant for those who've got enough of the Mythic Essence to acquire it whenever it releases. You can check out all of those skins in action below through their PBE previews alongside a look at the splash arts for the skins, too.

While these skins are technically called the "Ocean Song" line, they're still included in the Pool Party family as confirmed by other social posts from Riot about the cosmetics.

If you look at the backgrounds of the splash arts seen below, you'll notice a couple of champions hidden behind the new Pool Party additions. In the shared splash art featuring Yone, Nidalee, and Seraphine, from left to right, Dr. Mundo, Vi, Caitlyn, Qiyana, and Neeko are in the background. In the splash art for Ashe and Zeri, we see what appears to be Karma, Akali, and Yasuo in the back, too. While it's not necessarily a tease, it's worth noting that Vi, Karma, Akali, and Yasuo do not currently have Pool Party skins.

Riot revealed a couple of High Noon skins at the end of April before dropping some more towards the start of May – Tahm Kench was in the background of Leona's splash art and was revealed in the second drop – so perhaps those looking for more Pool Party skins could see a similar release strategy employed here.

These League of Legends skins should be coming to the PBE servers for testing this week ahead of their live release. While you're there, you can try out Bel'Veth, the new champion fully revealed this week.