Riot Games' Twitch Channel Becomes First to Pass 1 Billion Views

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Riot Games' Twitch channel that frequently features pro League of Legends matches has become the first channel on the streaming platform to surpass 1 billion total views.

Those who frequent Twitch will know that when you're watching a stream, there are two numbers in the bottom-right corner of the display that represent different viewer stats. The first in red shows how many viewers are actively watching the stream at that moment while the second, the grey number to the right of the active viewers, shows how many views the channel has accumulated over time. With the Riot Games account being registered years ago and nearly 1,700 videos collected in the channel that brings in the vast majority of its viewers by livestreaming the games, Riot Games announced that it's now crossed the 1 billion total viewer mark.

Riot Games crossed the impressive milestone today during the second day of this weekend's North American League of Legends Championship Series games. Right after Fly Quest picked up the team's first victory for this season in its game against Optic Gaming, the NA LCS shoutcasters thanked League players and esports viewers for helping Riot Games amass so many views. James "Riot Dash" Patterson's shared Riot Games' message during the stream in a clip that was also tweeted through the official LoL Esports Twitter account with another message about the 1 billion views. Over 100,000 concurrent viewers are watching the channel now at the time this is written, so some may have even joined in to be part of the moment in Twitch history.

The milestone was on the mind of Twitch viewers leading into the weekend games as well. Just before the day of League games started with the first NA LCS game, a post was shared on the Twitch subreddit that reminded everyone the Riot Games channel was approaching the lofty view number. Saying that the views were hovering around 999.99 million views, it was just a matter of time before the record was broken.


The games don't stop at 1 billion viewers though with more NA LCS games to take place on Sunday until the teams take the week off to practice before next weekend's games kick off again on June 30.