League Of Legends' Singed Already 'Way Too Strong' After Buffs

Within the first day of League of Legends' Patch 7.14 that brought the new jungler Kayn to the [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Within the first day of League of Legends' Patch 7.14 that brought the new jungler Kayn to the Rift as well as some buffs to Singed, it looks like the Mad Chemist can already expect some nerfs to come his way soon before the next patch.

News of the suggested hotfix comes from Riot Meddler, the lead gameplay designer for League of Legends. Meddler tweeted that the buffs to the fast-moving tank's stats and abilities were resulting in the champion controlling the top lane a bit too well at the moment.

For those that haven't dug through the patch notes or had the chance to meet a Singed in-game in the little time that the latest patch has been out, 7.14 buffed every part of Singed's Kit from his base stats all the way up to his ultimate. His W, Mega Adhesive, now grounds enemies to prevent movement abilities while slowing them less at later ranks, a sensible change that fits in with the ability's purpose and description. The ultimate that seems to be a target for a nerf also got buffed Singed's passive underwent one of the biggest changes after remaining outdated for some time now. It offers better stats across the board at levels two and three of the ability with a reduced mana cost. The cooldown of his ultimate starts out at 100 seconds, but that might not be a case after the hotfix.

New players hoping to try out Singed, and especially those devoted Singed mains who've stuck with the champion during his rough times where he's at a disadvantage for most top lane matchups, were excited about the buffs that might encourage players to dust off the champ and teach their opponents rule No. 1 of League once more. The suggested nerfs to Singed seem sudden, especially with only one day to analyze after the patch, but he did receive a buff to each part of his kit, something that could easily make any champion overtuned.

As seen in the replies, some players have been frustrated since the tweet that champions such as Syndra, Fiora, and others can remain strong for lengths of time while Singed nerfs are suggested just one day after a much needed buff, but depending on what the nerfs end up being, there may be hope for the chemist to still see more picks and wins.