League of Legends' New Stats Feature Is Now Live

A new stats tab is now live in League of Legends to give players a more detailed look at their [...]

A new stats tab is now live in League of Legends to give players a more detailed look at their post-game performances.

League players can find all sorts of personal stats about their favorite champions or other metrics, but those figures aren't always readily available inside of the client itself. Prior to this new stats tab, players could see how they did in their most recent games with damage breakdowns, vision stats, and other figures of interest, but if you want a more detailed breakdown, you'd have to go elsewhere and visit third-party sites with more information.

That's now changed with the client's new stats section built into players' profiles. Separated into three different sections, the stats tab will give players all the ammo they need in their heated post-game arguments.

"Choose a position or champion from the Stats tab to get started. Scores break down into three categories: Combat, Income, and Map Control," the announcement pertaining to the new stats tab said. "Those categories separate into both familiar data points and some new ones, highlighting exactly where you're above or below other players."

Players can also compare their stats to others who are in various positions be it on their friends list or those in similar ranks. Games from the midseason of this year, that timeframe starting at Patch 8.12, are tracked within the stats section of players' profiles. These stats will reset each season, according to the FAQ that was included in the stats announcement, with each subsequent season's games being tracked until the next season begins. This includes preseason games as well, so if you're popping off before the season starts and want to make sure that your triumphs are recorded, they'll be taken note of as well.

The FAQ also explained that this isn't supposed to be a one-for-one replacement for the stats found in the game's old client.

"Last we spoke on it, we were exploring options around using stats to help you improve your game or show off your achievements and investment in League," the FAQ explained. "Both angles are cool, but performance-improvement features tend to be more useful (and used) over time, so we steered today's feature in that direction. We still think there's room to improve on the achievement and investment side of the coin, but that would be something new rather than a perfect parity lifetime stats page like in the old client."

The stats tab is now live for players to experience themselves.