League of Legends Video Shows Off Teamfight Tactics' Little Legends

League of Legends’ new Teamfight Tactics game mode is working its way towards the PBE before going live for everyone, and it’s bringing a whole new customization feature with it. The Little Legends are joining League alongside the game mode as tiny cheerleaders that stand by you during your game and can be leveled up over time to evolve into different versions. Before those Little Legends and the game mode arrive, we’ve gotten a preview off all the little companions and what they’ll look like over time.

Skin Spotlights shared the video below that shows different Little Legends and their animations and appearances throughout three different tiers. The Legends are divided into different categories, the first of which is the Featherknight group that starts off with the Pengu character League players are probably already familiar with. The Featherknigh clan can dab, kiss their swords, and dance, so you can expect to see a lot of those cheering people on during their matches.

The video’s description found on Skin Spotlights’ YouTube channel included timestamps for all the Little Legends and their names, so if you find one you like, you can head there to figure out which one you need to look for in the store when they’re added with Teamfight Tactics.

When Riot Games announced Teamfight Tactics, it shared more info on how these Little Legends would work and how players would be able to acquire them. Players will get one Little Legends for free by playing Teamfight Tactics for a few games, and they’ll cost 750 Riot Points after that. Six species will be launching with the game mode, but more will be added afterwards.


“If you’re not yet smitten with these Little Legends, expect more varieties with each patch, just like skins,” Riot said. “Additionally, for those of you who want your Little Legends to really pop we’ll feature Rare LL Eggs, purchasable for 490 RP. Rare Eggs contain special variants of those same species, with an added twist: hatching a variant you’ve already found will make them star up just like the champions in TFT, powering up their models and effects. Once a variant has reached its third level, it will not drop from future Rare Eggs you open.”

Teamfight Tactics is expect to hit live League of Legends servers during Patch 9.13, but look for it on the PBE before that. There aren’t any plans for a release elsewhere like on mobile platforms right now, but Riot isn’t ruling that out.